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August 19, 2016

"Quick photo update on Juney, she is now 1 year and 4 months old and as lovable as ever. We've been enjoying camping, snacking on watermelon and are continuing to work on some basic commands, specially the "leave it" one! The black and white photos are a tintype plate taken this past June, as you can see, she is a natural model."

- Valery Vargas

Lucie & Alice

June 06, 2016

"After I got Alice, it took me a while but then put together that your mom is the one who pulled Lucie from the shelter and you are the one who pulled Alice - I love that!!!"

- Karen Kane


December 03, 2016

"About one year ago Tootsie came into our lives as a foster pup... Boy has she grown up!!"

- Joyce


September 26, 2015

"This crazy girl is now one! Couldn't be happier that we adopted this energetic and funny girl. Happy birthday Carley girl."

- Chelsey Smith


January 02, 2016

"We decided that Keller needed a bigger adoption pool, so we transferred him to Seattle Humane Society. I was going to wait for a while to adopt, let my heart health from loosing Cheyenne, but it felt so empty with out Keller. I made it official and adopted!"

- Kathrine Raines

T Bone

November 15, 2016

"Hello, I just wanted to share happy news with you. Jeff and I both agree that T-bone started shaking his tail more. He did it for big events like seeing us after few hours or going for a car ride, but now he does it when he wakes up and as a reaction to our smiles in place of that blank stare. Such little thing but we all know how big of an open door this means for him♥ welcoming us in some more. Trusting our love some more. It is just an awesome feeling to see him bloom."

- Hulya Sokol


October 30, 2012

"I picked her up on Oct 12 right before they began putting dogs down. The scarring on her head, neck and all four legs along with a serious wound to her tail lead me to believe she was a bait dog before being picked up. She was 23 pounds under weight, anemic due to flea bites, round worms, whip worm and heart worms. She's also had a couple spots of ringworm. She was too sick to have a rabies shot and had to have fluids pushed sub-dermal as there wasn't enough body mass to take in enough fluids to combat dehydration. She has come a long way in two weeks but has a long road ahead.

I originally went to see another dog Partners listed on FB. Once I locked eyes with this little girl I knew she was coming with me. She was originally listed as "Hazel" on Partners FB post. Mercy just seemed to fit her personality. I hope her story and pictures help. If not for you guys, this wonderful dog wouldn't be in my life."


- Dan Lewallen

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